Deliveries are made only within the geographical territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Your parcel can be delivered to an exact address or to the office of the respective courier company at the standard rates of the respective courier company. Alba Group Ltd. has a contract and works with the courier companies - "Speedy" and "Econt".

Delivery for orders over 100 BGN is free. (NOT VALID FOR PROMOTIONS)

Delivery times

Products in our online catalogue are dispatched within one to two working days after processing. The standard delivery time for other products not in stock ranges from 7 to 30 days.


Tariff weight of the shipmentCity courier in one location
(tariff code 1)
Between Econt office or Econtomat*
(tariff code 2)
From and to an Econt office or Econtomat* to and from the customer's door**
(tariff code 3)
From and to the customer's door
(tariff code 4)
up to 1 kg8.74 BGN5.60 BGN7.06 BGN8.74 BGN
over 1 up to 2 kg10.42 BGN6.17 BGN8.74 BGN10.42 BGN
over 2 up to 5 kg11.09 BGN6.72 BGN11.09 BGN12.77 BGN
over 5 up to 10 kg16.46 BGN10.75 BGN16.46 BGN18.49 BGN
over 10 up to 15 kg22.18 BGN12.10 BGN22.18 BGN24.19 BGN
over 15 up to 20 kg25.87 BGN14.78 BGN25.87 BGN28.22 BGN
over 20 up to 50 kg25.87 BGN + 0.68 BGN for each kg over 20 kg14.78 BGN + 0.60 BGN for each kg over 20 kg25.87 BGN + 0.68 BGN for each kg over 20 kg28.22 BGN + 0.74 BGN for each kg over 20 kg

+ 1.34 % on the cash on delivery price


WeightBasic priceAdd-on for taking from addressAdd-on for delivery to address
up to 3 kg3.62 BGN1.33 BGN3.86 BGN
up to 6 kg5.18 BGN3.86 BGN6.38 BGN
up to 10 kg6.48 BGN3.86 BGN6.38 BGN
up to 20 kg11.89 BGN8.93 BGN8.93 BGN
over 20 kg11.89 BGN + 0.53 BGN for each additional kg12.72 BGN12.72 BGN

Prices are final including VAT and fuel surcharge.

+ 1.2% of the value of the payment, but not less than 0.60 BGN.

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